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Dear FintruX Supporters,

As we approach the final week of our token sale we would like to share with you an updated status of the progress made by the FintruX Network.

Crowd Sale

Much has changed in the crypto landscape since we first envisioned the FintruX Crowd sale and we have done our best to adapt while still keeping true to our vision and values.

It's hard to compete with this new token sale model that requires only the promise of a project, the right amount of hype and time-pressure to become an overnight success. Lately, it seems that projects with viable propositions and proven credentials are no longer in demand.

That being said and regardless of adverse market conditions or trends, we are very happy with the progress of our token sale so far. As it stands, your contributions of over 21,000 ETH will enable us to make the FintruX Ecosystem a reality and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your overwhelming support!

Project Development

From a technical standpoint, we are ahead of schedule and  have made great progress on our prototype - currently on v1.2, we have finalized the following features:

  • Access to Borrower, Lender, and Administration sides to view all aspects of getting a loan workflow;

  • Instant generation of borrower smart contract code;

  • Instant deployment of our borrower smart contract code on our private Ethereum network.

Global Partnerships

We are very excited with the meetings and discussions that have occured in the last few weeks - the momentum from our Seoul and London roadshows has helped us bring attention to our project and we have been approached with many high value propositions.

At this stage, we are already in advanced discussions to establish deep integrations with some of the most promising blockchain projects in the crypto-space. We are also forging partnerships with reputable financial institutions in some of the most competitive markets in the world.

While we are not in a position to disclose all the details due to ongoing negotiations, we wanted to let you know that the future looks bright for the FintruX Ecosystem.

Exchange Listings

Our recent partnership with Bancor ensures the liquidity of the FTX token and we are happy to inform our community that additional exchange listings have been finalized and Token Holders will be able to trade on reputable exchanges shortly after they receive their FTX tokens, 2 weeks after the sale.

Real-Life Use Cases

When we say that we intend to be the premier blockchain based lending ecosystem that will facilitate lending for SMEs and Startups, we really do mean it.

As our reputation gets stronger, we are receiving many applications from SMEs who are eager to obtain funding to resolve their existing cash-flow issues.

After careful consideration, one of these requests has been accepted and fully funded - we are proud to announce that we will be facilitating a $300,000 SGD loan as the first real use case on our alpha platform in Q2 2018.

In order to fulfill our increasing financing demand, we are actively looking for additional lenders to be part of our alpha and beta tests to be conducted in Singapore.

Final Countdown

Even though we only have 7 days left until the conclusion of our token sale, several members of our community who have already successfully passed the KYC have yet to participate. We expect a surge in contributions towards the end of our token sale, so make sure you contribute ahead of time in order to secure your FTX.

Keep in mind, that we have implemented  S haring not Burning —  this means that remaining FTX tokens will be distributed to our loyal supporters in a phased manner until the final release of our platform in Q4.

Once again, thank you very much for your commitment and support to our project.

The FintruX Team


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